Design for Repair Principles

Monique Daranyi, August 12 2022

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Right to Repair legislation for electronic consumer devices in Europe has been in place for just over a year, and we have seen similar laws passed in the US. In fact, just this June, in a world first, the New York state legislature passed a bill that will require digital electronics manufacturers to make parts and software available to consumers and independent repair shops.

These laws help address the throwaway tech culture and put the consumer back in charge of their electrical goods which of course is good news. However newly affected businesses are grappling with the commercial impact of these changes and looking ahead to which products these laws could apply to next.

By designing with some simple best practices in mind from the outset, we can design repairability into the fabric of the device. At Tone Product Design we have been looking carefully at what companies can do minimise costs and achieve longer term benefits by embracing design for repair best practices.

Take a look at our our design for repair principles below:


Download a PDF copy of our Design for Repair Principles


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