Our design process helps you create solutions that are desirable, technically feasible and commercially viable.

From overhauling the design language across an entire product range to perfecting a single component, we approach every problem with creativity and develop solutions with the highest level of design refinement.

Our toolkit

  • Idea Generation
  • Product Design and Styling
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Photo-realistic Renders

Idea generation

The creation of great ideas requires a fantastic team and a repeatable process, not a one-off 'eureka' moment.

We work as a creative team to generate entirely new ideas, and to improve on existing products and services.

We challenge ourselves and our clients to think differently, which results in better products and protectable inventions.

Design development

The mark of a great design is that the solution seems obvious - despite the significant complexities involved in getting there.

We develop products iteratively through sketches, prototypes and 3D CAD, to arrive at simple and elegant solutions that deliver significant value and reduce risk.

Product Design and Styling
3D CAD Modelling
User Experience
User Interface

Bringing designs to life

Our team use the latest software to craft high quality visualisations of our designs to be used in market research, product launches, marketing materials and more.

We design each image with it's end purpose in mind - whether that be to impress investors, analyse product details or explain a sequence of use.

Photo-realistic renders

ORDRE asked Tone to turn their vision of a portable luxury fashion studio into a reality

Read about how we designed and developed this complex product from idea to manufacture.

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