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Translating Research Into Successful Products

Academic projects often result in insights, ideas and hypotheses that still need to be tested with physical product concepts and prototypes to unlock their true commercial value. Whether you’re intending to produce a small batch of units to test in a study or move towards high-volume manufacture, there are some key things to consider before jumping in and beginning product design development ...

Tone Talks to Fast Company About Design for Health

Just because something technically does its job doesn’t mean that people will be happy to use it.

RP Technologies Quick Reference Guide

Prototyping is a crucial part of the product development process and rapid prototyping technologies are increasingly used to help evaluate a product design visually and functionally. We've created a quick reference guide to help you understand more about rapid prototyping and how to select the right technology for your product design project.


We are looking for a talented and highly motivated product designer with 2-5 years of industry experience to join our exciting and busy team.

How Strategic Product Design Can Help Overcome Rising Production Costs

The re-opening of the economy has also brought it’s challenges. For product businesses, these are manifesting themselves in higher manufacturing and transport costs. While these pressures are likely to settle down over time, product designers can and should factor the commercial environment into their thinking, and find creative ways to reduce business costs without compromising on innovation.

Design for Behaviour Change With World Leading Universities

Behaviour change is a term that’s typically associated with big budget awareness campaigns or gamified app designs. But is it possible to design a physical product that is not only appealing to buy, but encourages its users to fundamentally change their habits?