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Design for Behaviour Change With World Leading Universities

Behaviour change is a term that’s typically associated with big budget awareness campaigns or gamified app designs. But is it possible to design a physical product that is not only appealing to buy, but encourages its users to fundamentally change their habits?

Staying Creative During COVID-19

Although the pandemic has brought about significant uncertainty for some of our clients, it has also presented a unique opportunity to focus on building new and innovative products that will position businesses to take maximum advantage of the inevitable economic recovery.

The Effect of Gestalt Psychology on Design

Do designers and artists just rely on fashion and their own personal taste, or are there scientific and psychological reasons why some objects are so appealing?

What Will Happen to Your Digital Legacy?

Each of us today owns not just a physical legacy, but a virtual one. With every generation living and saving more moments digitally, our ‘virtual estates’ are of ever-increasing personal and financial value.