We help deliver final products through detailed development and design for manufacture.

Translating a design into a final product is a careful balancing act between technical constraints, business priorities and creative vision. We bridge the gap between these priorities to ensure the result delivers maximum value for the customer, and maximum return on investment for our clients.

Our toolkit

  • Working Physical Models
  • Aesthetic Models
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Supplier Relations
  • Digital Design Prototypes
  • Instructions for Use

Prototyping and model making

We regularly create accurate models that allow us to test and refine our designs prior to manufacture or development.

Ranging from simple block prototypes to assess form and surface details, through to fully functioning samples, these models allow us to test every detail.

Working Models
Aesthetic Models

Detailed design

Most products we work with go on to be distributed and at scale. We work closely with manufacturers to refine individual part designs and whole assembly processes, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved while simultaneously reducing costs.

This collaborative approach ensures that the final product delivers on the design intent.

Design for Manufacture
Supplier Liaison

Digital product development

Our prototyping and development expertise doesn't stop at physical products. We work across both physical and digital disciplines to ensure a holistic design vision at every touchpoint.

We work hand in hand with development teams to realise digital products and specify design guidelines.

Digital Design Prototypes
Design System Guidelines

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