Looking ahead to determine what's next? We discover innovative opportunities to create business value

Our research methods and tools identify trends and gaps in the market, finding the right problems to solve and creating ideas that will drive your commercial objectives.

Our toolkit

  • Design and Innovation Workshops
  • Market Research
  • Design Trend Research
  • Customer Research and Insights
  • Visual Brand Language Development
  • Product Development Roadmap

Innovation workshops

Our collaborative innovation workshops are fast-paced, creativity-fuelled sprints that tackle big problems with pace and agility.

We use them to get to the heart of a problem early in the process, and engage multiple stakeholders in uncovering exciting new areas of business opportunity.


Making informed decisions about which ideas have the most potential requires a detailed understanding of the context.

We use research to provide this context and underpin every design decision. By arming ourselves with the right insights, we can accurately assess the strengths of each idea and reduce project risk.

Market Research
Design Trend Research
Customer Research and Insights

Product design strategy

Often, a challenge is bigger than a single product. We use our creativity and experience to build holistic brand languages, define new product roadmaps and guide innovation programs to ensure they deliver commercial outputs.

Product analysis and testing
Visual brand language development
Product design strategy

Joseph Joseph approached us to discover innovative opportunities for food storage

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