All-in-One Food Preparation

Following several successful collaborations with Joseph Joseph, we were approached to design a new type of salad spinner. It was essential that the product made clever, functional improvements over the competition, and also have an elegant design that would resonate with customers.

Winner of the IHA Global Innovation Award for product design excellence and now a Joseph Joseph best-selling product, the Multi-Prep™ Salad Preparation Set makes it easy to build the perfect salad, by featuring four interchangeable discs for different tasks.

What we did

  • Design For Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing Support


  • Consumer
  • Homeware

“Tone deliver innovative, creative solutions to the brief with excellent attention to detail. ”

Steve Gates, Design Manager at Joseph Joseph

The Challenge

Firstly, to identify everyday problems associated with salad preparation. Secondly to solve them through intelligent design creating a distinctive, functional product that is a pleasure to own and use.

Finding the Problem

After researching the category and working closely with the project team to identify key insights, we observed many problems with conventional salad spinners.

We aimed to solve these everyday problems by adding functionality, therefore improving the overall utility of a traditional salad spinner. The product features 4 interchangeable discs (salad spinner, spiralizer, slicer and grater) allowing you to easily prep and wash all of your salad ingredients in one bowl. All the accessories also stack neatly inside the main bowl for space-saving storage.

Industrial Design

Having removable discs in the centre of the bowl required us to develop a new and inventive centralised coupling mechanism. This had to have brilliant functional performance but also be intuitive to use.

Thanks to our close relationship with the in-house team, we ensured that the industrial design incorporated Joseph Joseph's brand philosophy of 'brilliantly useful design'.

Design for Manufacture

Tone are experts in developing an initial insight or idea into a manufacture ready product. Our expertise and experience allowed us to work closely with Joseph Joseph all the way through the design and development process. This ensured that every design detail was realised in the final product.

Product renders by Tone
Product photography credit: Joseph Joseph