Your Cupboards, Organised

Joseph Joseph approached Tone to design a range of cupboard storage products that stand out by solving a clear and distinctive problem. Through research, we identified that customers were often short of space in their cupboards, and wanted an easy way to keep them tidier.

Our solution, a hanging set of storage containers that makes of the unused space above your everyday items, was developed into a range of accessories and are now available globally.

What we did

  • Design For Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing Support


  • Consumer
  • Homeware

The Challenge

To design a kitchen storage solution that stands out in the marketplace through inventive industrial design and functional innovation.

Finding the Problem

In such a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to find new ideas that resonate with consumers and rise above the noise.

Having identified storage space as a key opportunity area, we worked with Joseph Joseph to develop a range of new and unique ideas that help customers solve the problem of messy, inefficient kitchen cupboards.

The containers have been designed to hang securely on a rail, and occupy the unused space above your everyday items.

Product photography credit: Joseph Joseph