Low Cost, High Fill Mass Inhaler

We partnered with Cambridge Healthcare Innovations to help design their groundbreaking innovation in inhaler technology.

Over 500 million people suffer from chronic respiratory disease worldwide, yet up to 90% aren’t receiving their full medication. Current dry powder inhalers deliver a relatively small proportion of the drug to the lung, with a significant amount of medication landing in the mouth and throat. This issue is compounded by incorrect usage techniques that stem from poor design and unintuitive ergonomics.

The new Quattri™ DPI technology and design has the potential to significantly improve inhaler effectiveness - with a particular focus on high fill-masses and low potency drug molecules.

What we did

  • CGI Renders
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping


  • Medical
  • Startup

Innovation through design

Designing a product with such widespread usage like the inhaler is no easy feat - especially when faced with stringent regulatory requirements that demand consistent and high clinical performance standards. CHI's Quattri™ DPI technology overcomes common high-mass delivery challenges and substantially reduces other issues, such as mouth and throat deposition.

Using Cambridge Healthcare Innovation’s technology and a new physical body design that promotes proper usage, the Quattri™ DPI has the potential to enable brand-new drug therapies.

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