Staying Creative During COVID-19

Oscar Daws, July 13 2020

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Just like most companies, Tone is adapting to a shift in how we work due to COVID-19. As a consultancy, we’ve seen changes in both the way we work with our clients day to day, and the way in which we manage the creative design process internally.

Although the pandemic has brought about significant uncertainty for some of our clients, it has also presented a unique opportunity to focus on building new and innovative products that will position businesses to take maximum advantage of the inevitable economic recovery. Therefore we are staying creative, agile and delivering the same high quality of innovation our clients have come to expect from us, despite the disruption.

The pandemic has encouraged us to think differently about our studio space. It is clear that working from home is a great way to get your head down and focus on progressing a project, but it is also difficult to work creatively as a team when you’re not in the same room. Therefore we have completely re-organised our space and processes to be COVID secure, ensuring we continue to collaborate in person while also staying safe and following all government guidance.

We’ve designed our office space to support our delivery of high quality work at pace, but our entire team are set up with high-powered laptops and productive workspaces at home to enable us to work wherever is most effective at the time. The workshop is also an essential resource to help us test and develop new products. Therefore we took the decision to move our high precision 3D printer offsite, ensuring we have the capability to quickly test ideas even in the event of a new lockdown.

Many of our projects are highly confidential, and working remotely poses challenges for physical and digital security. As our server system was already fully cloud based, the only technology we need to get to work securely is an internet connection.

The silver lining to lockdown is our discovery of new tools, techniques and ways of working that have actually improved efficiency. From Miro’s infinite virtual whiteboard to Asana’s project management toolset, we’ve found new technology that will form a fundamental part of our process well beyond COVID.

If you’d like to talk about using the summer to kickstart a new project, give us an email or a call. We’ve love to hear from you.

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