Proteus Medical Packaging


Proteus Digital Health asked us to design a robust packaging system that would actively help patients to set up and use their pioneering new technology correctly.


We ran a patient centric design process between London and the United States that used quantitative user research to drive drive key decision making. Designs were iterated through multiple prototypes, usability, mechanical testing, and design for manufacture.


A holistically considered and novel packaging system that is helping Proteus fulfill their vision of delivering life changing technology, in a package that’s easy enough for patients to set up themselves. Currently in full production.

More than a Box

Proteus Digital Health are a pioneering medical startup, who have developed the world’s first FDA approved microchip that can be swallowed inside a standard pill. Once inside the stomach, the ‘digi-med’ communicates with a wearable patch to log the fact that medication has been taken. This technology has astounding potential to drastically increase adherence, but only if Proteus can effectively scale delivery. This meant shifting from a professional led set-up process, to a patient led set-up process.

A new packaging solution was considered to be a crucial part of that strategic shift, and Proteus approached Tone to manage the design. We needed to consider the very practical aspects of getting a high value wearable device, an iPad and the patient’s medication to them safely, in addition to making the set up process extremely intuitive. Storage and regulatory factors were crucial, alongside involving high-level stakeholders in multiple global locations.

Controlled Creativity

Through an iterative design process, we developed a number of concept directions – each led by a unique usability principle. Balancing the large number of factors and stakeholders called for a rigorous and documented approach. Despite the potential for these constraints to restrict creativity, we used design to push the boundaries of what was possible.

Each and every design decision required a patient centered justification, and at key points in the process these decisions were tested via studies in the United States – ensuring our focus was squarely based on usability. The developed concepts were then produced locally as high quality prototypes, for selection and review by the client.

The final designs were developed in partnership with a global packaging manufacturer to make it ready for full production.

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